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Farm Fresh


We believe that happy and healthy hens produce healthy and delicious eggs.

Here at Blueville Acres, we pride ourselves on providing

excellent quality, nutrient-dense eggs.

Try our eggs and you will surely see and taste the difference!



Not Just Cage-Free

Our chickens are raised free-range, which means they aren't cooped up in a shed all day or even bound by fencing limitations. Our hens have free access to the entire property where they spend their days eating whatever they wish to their hearts' content in the fresh air and sunshine.

In the summer months, they can be found in the blueberry patch gobbling up all the fallen berries!

Colored Eggs


We do supplement their diet with a custom grain mix from a local feed mill. Not any feed will do. We are sure to only feed our hens the best

non-GMO grains and organic minerals. They also get plenty of organically grown veggies

and table scraps.

Colored Eggs
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